where to Buy Emu Eggs

The laying seasons varies each year and can begin as early as Dec or start as late as May, where to buy emu eggs depending on our birds and the weather.

Payment is required at the time of ordering via PayPal.

We are offering emu eggs from our unrelated emus that will be freshly laid. exotic eggs for hatching These emu eggs are from our standard brown colored emus (NOT the white or blonde emus).

where to buy emu eggs

As with any eggs purchased online and shipped, we cannot be responsible for your hatch rate as there are too many variables in incubation techniques and shipping can be hard on hatching eggs.

We have successfully hatched emus ourselves from eggs purchased online.

We are offering wide range of Emu Eggs. These eggs being a nutritive product are also demanded for its aesthetics. These have high nutritional content, where to buy emu eggs low cholesterol and high protein. Theses are sourced from high breed Emu bird and eggs have dark-green color. exotic eggs for hatching

With vast industry experience, we have been able to offer Emu Eggs to our clients. These eggs are available in rich green color that weigh from 650 grams to 800 grams. Our emu eggs are extensively used in different art and craft applications as a decorative item. Ostrich eggs These eggs are 5 to 6 inches in length

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