Ostrich Egg for Sale


Buy Ostrich Egg, Fresh online, no pesticides, no hormones California Ostrich Farm has prided itself in being the 1st of its kind here in the USA. We now offer all of our highest quality ostrich eggs online.

Our Ostrich Egg has a slightly sweeter flavor and a fluffier texture when compared to a chicken egg. They are the largest eggs laid by a bird.


Ostrich Egg for Sale

Ostrich Egg For Food And for Hatching.
We have ostrich hatching eggs for those of you that want to incubate and hatch your own ostriches on your farm. Ostrich and emu hatching eggs for sale are of the highest quality! ostrich egg for sale. Please Note–Fresh Ostrich Eggs for Eating Are Available 
They should be set within seven days of our shipping them. The ideal holding temperature before setting is 60 degrees. As incubation times vary due to the incubator temperature, ostrich eggs near me we recommend placing the eggs in the incubator during the middle of the week if you are hatching these in a classroom. This way you are sure they will be hatching during the week and not over the weekend. Typically, ostrich egg for sale 80% of the eggs you buy are fertile.

We cannot guarantee that all the fertile eggs will hatch.

That is entirely dependent on the incubator and we have no control over the quality or care of the incubator.
We guarantee the eggs to be true to breed variety and to arrive in good condition. However, ostrich egg for sale we do not guarantee hatchability due to conditions beyond our control during shipment, ostrich eggs near me and hatching equipment or other methods used.

Ostrich eggs have more sweet buttery taste and are a bit more intense when compared to other egg. On average one ostrich egg has around 47% protein, and almost 2000 calories. Ostrich eggs have a lot of B12 vitamin, riboflavin and folic acid. Athletes often choose ostrich egg because they are rich in Omega-3, fiber and they are the best choices for body growth due to the high amounts of calcium, zinc, and manganese. On an average Ostrich Egg weighs around 3 to 4 Lbs. Buy Ostrich Egg Online.

Ostrich Eggs Near me

We Are Professional Worldwide Providers Of Live Ostrich, Fresh Fertile Ostrich Eggs. We Have Very Healthy Ostrich Chickens And Fertile Hatching Eggs. We Sell At Moderate Prices To All Our National And International Clients. ostrich eggs near me We Carry On World Wide Delivery With A Rapid And Quality Services. A 100% Guaranteed Fresh Fertile.

We also sell Ostrich Eggshells and Emu eggshells  Whether you are seeking standard 16 inch ostrich eggshells, or if you have been searching for those rare super-jumbo 19+ inch ostrich egg, ostrich egg for sale we have an inventory of hand-cleaned premium quality ostrich egg to fit the needs for your next project. Each ostrich eggshell is drilled in only one end with a small 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch hole. We do not make the larger sized holes nor drill holes in both ends as is seen in many ostrich eggshells in the marketplace. also check out a how to get a real Great Green Macaw for sale.

Eggshell Prices Start at $250 Per Dozen
The small 16.5 to 17 inch blown, cleaned, and disinfected ostrich eggshells are $250 per dozen. Although they can be purchased in smaller quantities if desired, the cost per egg is more expensive along with the shipping cost per egg.


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