Emu Eggs For Sale




Emu Eggs For Sale

After pairing and choosing a suitable site for the nest, the emu lays her first egg, emu eggs for sale which is usually the smallest of the clutch. Every species of bird has its own time frame for lying of eggs. It does not necessarily correspond with the size of the bird, and each egg that a bird lays will always have the same pattern, emu eggs to eat similar to our fingerprints.

his doesn’t normally hurt it, unless dropped on sharp stone, which may puncture the egg. An egg is normally shiny and wet, and will feel slimy to the touch. After a few minutes this slimy layer dries on the egg.
Once laid the emu egg immediately begins to cool as it has just left the warmth of the birds body. Cooling off will contract the egg contents somewhat, and air space will begin to form between the inner and outer shell membranes. The cuticle dries into the egg and fills it against bacteria, and the embryo goes dormant and will remain so, emu eggs for sale under the right temperature conditions.

Enjoy one of our beautiful emu eggs as the focal point to your next culinary adventure! Emus are native to Australia and lay their eggs in the winter months. The shell is deep green in color, and resembles a giant avocado in appearance. Each egg is equivalent to about 12-15 chicken eggs and boast one, bright yolk. The flavor is mild and tasty! We love making omlettes with our eggs, but a giant fried eggs is always fun as well as scrambled eggs or prepared as a quiche or fritatta. The possibilities are endless!

How Much Space Does an Emu Need?
Emu requires a wide space for living as being quite active birds they need space to run. An emu pair needs space around thirty by one hundred feet pen per pair.

Emus are energetic jumpers so fencing of the pen is necessary to stop them. They will need shelter, feed pens.

An Emu Chick Cost
An emu chick’s cost depends on the age of the emu, breeding qualities, bird qualities, and country.

The male emu sits on the eggs, hatches and raises his chicks!

The male emu in the wild stores some of the eggs before beginning to incubate them. Initially the male covers the eggs with leaves, twigs or dried grass in order to insulate them. When enough emu eggs have been laid the male becomes “clucks” emu eggs to eat and begins to incubate by sitting on the eggs. He usually goes into a trance like state, and loses interest in eating and everything else.

Emu Eggs to Eat

Emu eggshell is laid down in layers (usually 7) being from dark green on the outside through shades of jade green to white on the inside. Emu eggs are highly attractive when carved.

Emu Egg production is usually from April until the end of September. emu eggs for sale Females produce about 15 eggs in their first year of lay, but individuals can produce up to 35 emu eggs. robin egg

When the emu lays her eggs, it s normally in the hours of late afternoon or early morning. She squats on her haunches rather than lying down completely, and then giving a slight push, which hunches her body somewhat, where upon the egg is dropped with a thump to the ground.


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