where to Buy Quail Eggs Near me

 This is where to buy quail eggs near me There are lots of different species of quail, but Coturnix Quail are probably the most highly productive quail. Coturnix can reach lay-egging maturity at 6-7 weeks of age. The eggs are small, but speckled and pretty, and in high demand. Coturnix can reach adult weight at 7-9 weeks. This makes for a quick turn around, with very little opportunity for issues to arise. This quick time period also makes the decision to try raising quail an easy one as there is not a huge commitment needed.

Although most varieties of Coturnix only reach 6 ounces in weight at the most, a relatively new variety called the Jumbo Coturnix have been reported to reach a full pound in weight. Quail meat is a delicacy and is very much sought after by chefs and foodies. It is understood by the consumer that quail are small and expensive.

You will need an incubator for hatching your eggs. Quail eggs take a bit shorter than chicken eggs to hatch. If you order a large number, you might want to consider adding a quail-sized egg turner to your incubator.

Quail are fun and quite easy to raise. Although the small chicks do need attention and care, quail in general are hardy and adaptable. Most species – where to buy quail eggs near me especially the coturnix and bobwhites do very well in captivity. Quail are usually raised for production of eggs or meat and for sporting and hunting purposes.


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